June 28, 2022

Cordova Bay Fastball

A Great Place to Play


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Our registration for the 2022 season is now closed. Cordova Bay Fastball would like to thank all our players and parents who registered. The club is looking forward to a very busy season in the park. Also, our thanks to North Ridge Excavation for sponsoring the 2022 registration and paying for all the registered players to play in the park this season. The Cownden Family whom owns North Ridge Excavation has a long and storied history in Cordova Bay and has not only been a terrific supporter, but the family has played, sponsored, participated in every aspect of the parks growth and history for many years. The Cownden Family wants to see other families enjoy the benefits and joy they have experienced playing and being part of the Cordova Bay Family. Thank you once again, and see you soon on the diamond.