Cordova Bay Fastball offers the nations leading pitching instruction program to all our players. Have you never pitched before? Have you never pitched in a game , heck, have you never played in a fastball game? Well it doesn't matter.

Cordova Bay Fastball offers two of the leading pitching instructors in Canada at all our pitching clinics. Rob Guenter and Joey Van de Voorde.

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What is CANpitch?

CANpitch was created to introduce and develop the fundamental skills of windmill pitching to Canada’s children and youth. CANpitch Instructors in each province teach a nationally standardized curriculum with specific drills that are founded in Long Term Player Development (LTPD) principles and reflect an athlete-centered approach to learning.

CANpitch programs in your area may run year-round or seasonal with group lessons often taking place once a week in 6-week blocks for an hour. In the future we hope all softball associations in Canada have CANpitch Instructors offering programs to anyone wanting to learn to pitch. To host a CANpitch Clinic or become an Instructor please read below to find out more.

Key Messages of CANpitch:

  • 1. Anyone can learn to pitch.
  • 2. Pitching is fun.
  • 3. Weekly practice is the best way to learn.
  • 4. CANpitch Instructors are trained and approved by Softball BC and Softball Canada.
  • 5. Your feedback is important, be sure to fill out a parent or participant survey!

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