January 17, 2022

Cordova Bay Fastball

A Great Place to Play


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Here is a early Christmas Gift for all our members.

Youth Softball Pitching Clinic Participants will gain specialty pitching skills from the Uvic Vikes Womens Softball team members. Clinic sessions will follow Canpitch curriculum for the fundamental skills of windmill pitching. Concepts covered will include proper grip and mechanics to deliver the ball to a target. Once pitchers have achieved a level of comfort with fundamental skills, pitchers will then begin to work on improving velocity, control, and ball movement including different spins and speeds as well as game strategy. The change up, drop, rise, curve, and screw ball may each be introduced based on the pitcher’s size, strength, and level of ability. Each participant must supply a catcher – this can be a teammate, parent, or older sibling – someone who can catch your pitch. Parents/catchers bring a stool/bucket to sit on when catching.https://activeliving.uvic.ca/Program/GetProgramDetails?courseId=bb4419e5-ae3f-430c-81ea-6ce2dc37a5af&semesterId=5dac324c-ae92-4191-9166-48380ef5eab4

Youth Softball Catchers Clinic Participants will gain specialty catchers training from Uvic Vikes Womens Softball team members. Clinic sessions will cover throwing and transitions, rest and ready position, framing a pitch, blocking/kickouts, pick offs to 1st and 3rd base, throw for steals to 2nd, playing a bunt, playing a pass ball off the backstop, as well as how to work with umpires and pitchers. Those catchers who have achieved fundamentals will further refine their skills, and develop speed and power. Please bring your own catchers gear: helmet, chest pad, shin pads, and glove. If you don’t have your own gear, contact your local association to see if you can borrow a set that fits you for the 9 weeks. If you aren’t able to secure any catchers gear, have at least a batting helmet and glove for safety. https://activeliving.uvic.ca/Program/GetProgramDetails?courseId=b6e872d7-29fe-468b-babf-741fac955c5b&semesterId=5dac324c-ae92-4191-9166-48380ef5eab4