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Provincials (July)

Western Canadians (August)

"A Great Place to Play" is not just an phrase. Cordova Bay Fastball works very diligently every year to make sure our motto is held to the highest standard. You can help bring hundreds of memories to each individual youth that plays in Cordova Bay.

Cordova Bay Fastball,

Volunteering is a very important focal point of Cordova Bay Fastball. Every year many dedicated volunteers are required to make the park tick. What is needed? Cordova Bay Fastball has a rich history and tradition of excellence. You say "I don't know what needs to be done"? There are many dedicated current volunteers that will help and teach you the ropes of Cordova Bay Fastball.

Cordova Bay Fastball Executive,

In April we all gather to take the dust off the park and get it ready for a very busy season.

Cordova Bay Fastball Executive, Designer